How Steel Framing is Beneficial in Construction

Steel is Very Sustainable

Did you know that steel is a number one construction material for sustainability? It can be reused again and again without any lasting effect on its properties. When the steel-framed structure is dismantled, the pieces can be recycled in the steelmaking process and used to create a new framework for building. Steel building frame components can be reused directly from the demolition site.

Today, construction businesses use more than 95 percent of steel taken from demolished buildings or that have been recycled. More than half of all recycled steel materials are used in the production of new steel projects worldwide. When it comes to materials such as concrete, steel surprisingly is much lighter and require less extensive foundation work.

Economical friendly

Because the steel structure becomes insanely durable and barely require any maintenance, the maximum value of the materials of fabrication of the resources invested in the structure can be utilized. In turn, this reduces the costs associated with the building during its life. Building consisting of steel allows for an open area, free of columns in the structure.

This is mainly because of the long-span steel sections. Because of this flexibility, there are endless ways to configure the steel building. When the buildings are built with steel components, the structural layout can be easily changed in the future. In fact, it can be modified endless number of times. There are no new materials that need to be used and results in decreasing the building owners cost and increasing their profit.