Prolonging The Life Of Transformer Oil With Electrostatic Filtration

Electrostatic oil cleaners operate better and in a different way than traditional cleaning methods. Kleentek's innovative design uses gradient force, which allows it to benefit from the natural charge each contaminant has, to draw them towards opposing positively charged surfaces for collectors. 

In addition, IMIA figures show companies are losing an additional $2.1 million annually due to interruptions to business caused by problems with transformers. There are some companies that provide Transformer Oil Disposal & Scrapping Services, in Australia.

Around 75 percent of failures in high voltage transformers could be attributed to the deterioration of the oil. As oil gets older and starts to lose its luster, contaminants begin to show up and then eventually bond together, forming Sludge. Regular maintenance and efficient oil filtration are essential to avoid sludge accumulation damaging the cellulose insulation of a transformer's system. 

Mechanical filters and other traditional methods for cleaning oil have long been successful in their removal of dirt, debris, and more contaminants from oil systems that lubricate. However, they are not able to catch the tiny oil byproducts that are likely to cause the formation of varnish, and subsequently the failure of transformers. 

After the installation of the Kleentek system the oil is drained out of the reservoir main at a slow speed into the electrostatic collector, which continuously takes out submicronic as larger contaminants in the storage reservoir.