Hot Water Repairs Can Be Easily Performed By A Plumber

When you step into your nice warm shower on that cold winter morning only to find that all that comes out is ice water. In such cases, you need a plumber who can respond quickly and perform a hot water repair in the shortest time possible. This is when you need to call a plumber:

Faulty electrical element

In an electrical hot water system there is a device called a heating element. It is usually in the shape of an elongated coil and is inserted into the side of the water heater's storage tank. Over time, corrosion sets in and eventually the item will cut or just corrode. 

Either way, it means cold showers until you call the plumber. Replacing the item is actually an electrical problem, but most plumbers are qualified with a restricted electrical license to be able to do this type of work. You can also get your water heater repaired by a trained plumber via

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Discolored water

Hot water storage tanks begin to corrode from the first day they are used and after about 5 to 10 years they will be completely unusable. They are usually equipped with a metal rod called a sacrificial anode that helps slow down the corrosion process. Without this, they wouldn't even last as long as they do.

Gas water heaters

If you do not have hot water and you have gas hot water service, make sure the pilot has not gone out. The pilot light is a small gas flame that allows the main heater to relight under the control of the thermostat. Without the pilot light this cannot happen and the water will be cold.