A Brief Explanation of Inheritance Tax

While a lot of people are aware of taxes like the property levy, wealth tax, also known as sales tax and income tax, a small percentage of people are aware of the details of inheritance tax. It is a tax that is paid by those who inherit funds. You can get the right guidance about how to avoid inheritance tax with a trust in the UK.

Expert Advice on Inheritance Tax planning and trusts in London

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The inheritance tax is also referred to as estate tax or death tax. tax. If you inherit property that is not yours, there is no way to avoid paying this tax. 

An individual can earn an income from the inheritance of property and therefore a tax must be paid for all income sources.

Although the term "estate tax" is often used to mean inheritance taxes however the reality is that the two terms have many different meanings. The terms do have some resemblances, however. There are likely to be differences as well as similarities in the method of paying these taxes.

In many instances, this exemption can be the main reason for inheritance tax. While they're both imposed to be paid in the same manner but the rates and the circumstances in which they are analyzed differ greatly. 

The value of the property that you own directly influences the amount of inheritance tax. Thus, the higher the value of the property is, the greater your tax rate.