What Does MFi Certificate Mean And Why You Shouldnt Buy Uncertified Apple Cables?

If you've ever purchased a new Lightning cable or controller, you've probably noticed that many are MFi certified. You may have also seen that certified products cost a bit more. Here's what MFi certification means and why you'll want it.

Apple introduced the Lightning connector in 2012, as a replacement for the 30-pin dock connector. Since then, these connectors have been used for all iPhones, iPods, and iPads.

All Lightning cables and accessories have a small authentication chip placed inside them. This chip communicates with the device and indicates whether it is an Apple-approved accessory or cable. You can also buy Apple MFi cables by clicking this link.

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Apple recommends cables that bear the "Made for Apple" insignia. Apple offers an "MFi Certification Program" to all third-party manufacturers. This program ensures that all accessories have a superior build quality and are compatible with Apple hardware.

To become MFi certified and advertise iPod products, manufacturers had to pass Apple's compliance testing. These tests verified safety, overheating, durability, accessory compatibility, and headphone jack controls.

If you’re  using a non-certified accessory or cable, you may experience the following problems:

  • They can damage or even blow up your iPhone
  • The cable itself can be damaged
  • The connector can get very hot
  • It may not fit properly on your device
  • Connector ends may fall off

Sure, many iPhone, iPad, and Mac accessories are expensive. Whatever the reason, you shouldn't buy ultra-cheap non-certified cables and accessories for your Apple devices because, in the end, they can cost you more than expensive alternatives.