What Are Dog Poop Bags Usually Made Of?

Typical dog poop bags are essentially made from traditional plastic, meaning you dispose of them in landfills and they contribute to the waste pollution in the world. They are often made from polyethylene resin (PE).

These are thermoplastic polymers – that is, they have been heated and reheated to form the correct shape. You can easily get the biodegradable plastic bags for dog poop online.

Other forms of PE include low and high-density polyethylene (LDPE and HDPE). You can usually find HDPE, which is often used for heavier applications such as shampoo or toiletry bottles, and LDPE for softer applications such as shopping bags, sticky packaging, and dog paw bags.

They can also be made from bioplastics that can be rapidly broken down or composted in a landfill environment, which can be broken down into natural components in industrial composters, home composters, or worm farms.

Dog khaki bags made of HDPE or LDPE are technically recyclable, but unfortunately, many people just throw them in the trash at the park or at home. HDPE is flexible when heated and strong when cooled, which makes it useful for sheet metal, technical applications, and product packaging.

This type of plastic is chemical and shock resistant, has a long life, is strong and durable, but is as light and easy to recycle as PET (think soft drink bottles). Like HDPE, LDPE can be recycled by being melted down and used in new products. These plastics can also spill toxic chemicals if not recycled.