Types Of Teeth Whitening Treatments By Dentists At Cranbrook

There are always ads for teeth-whitening products everywhere. There are a variety of toothpaste and chewing gums that promise to brighten your smile for anywhere from a few days up to several weeks. Dentists can also offer a variety of teeth-whitening options.

How do you choose the right product? Your dentist is a good place to start. Your dentist will be able to help you determine the right level of whitening for you based on your dental history. You can also get permanent teeth whitening solutions and 24/7 help in Cranbrook..

Teeth Whitening The Dental Specialists

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Laser whitening, mold bleaching, and whitening strips are the most common types of whitening treatments that your dentist can provide. 

Laser whitening is where your dentist applies a treatment to your teeth, then flashes it with a laser. This will give you the fastest whitening treatment.

Mold bleaching involves your dentist creating a mold of your mouth and filling it with a whitening solution. It can be a hassle for some as it takes several days to make the mold.

The third is whitening strips. These strips are similar to those you can buy in the supermarket but contain a greater amount of whitening solution than the ones sold in stores. The strength of the strips can be adjusted by your dentist and professionally applied to your teeth.

If you talk with your dentist about your needs and preferences, you will find the best teeth-whitening treatment. Ask them what you need and they will provide the best results.