The Brilliance And Beauty Of Dichroic Glass Jewelry

The art of wearing glass has become one of the most popular fashion accessories today, with people surfing the web or looking for patterns in galleries, malls, and the like. 

Wearable glass is fused glass – technically known as dichroic glass – in which various oxides or quartz 'melt' in various layers or thicknesses on the surface to create a colorful effect. You can also get the best red dichroic glass through various online sources.

glass earrings

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The art community soon discovered the dichroic glass and its use by glass artists began to flourish. Part of its popularity stems from the incredible shine or patina of molten glass combined with the depth of luminosity and range of colors that can be created, and the variety of textures that can be produced.

Liquid glass production

The manufacture of dichroic glass is a sophisticated and well-defined process involving a vacuum chamber, electronic weapons, and various oxides such as titanium, magnesium, and silicon bonded to hot glass using a technology known as thin-film physics.

The glass is first cut into the planned parts. They are then put into a vacuum chamber with the appropriate oxide. The pressure in the chamber increases and the oxide and glass are heated.

Once this is achieved, the air is allowed to cool in the chamber and the pieces of glass are removed, cleaned, and prepared to be molded into "glass art" or jewelry.

The growing popularity of dichroic glass for fashion accessories and other uses has led many in this field to diversify into either making liquid glass which is then sold 'unfinished' to others, into jewelry or other accessories.