What is a Sommelier and What Do They Do?

The Sommelier said from the term Central France, Saumalier, referred to the person responsible for buying supplies and maintaining a warehouse in the royal household. The original word actually refers to the animal package driver.

Modern sommeliers are people who focus on purchasing, storage and presentation of wine and drinks in a restaurant. You can consider best sommelier wine training courses  for wine study .

There has been a formal system for professional sommelier training of only about sixty years. The Master Sommeliers International Court was founded in England shortly after World War Dua. England always takes very serious food and wine, even if their homeland does not produce very good wine or very good cuisine (not to rate), and wine trade always flows through England.

Level one is a certification exam. After the applicant spent time in the wine profession, both in restaurants and hotels or in wine trade, they can take this test. The short refresher course and practice in blind tasting offered, and then applicants take practical tests of short answer questions about all and all aspects of wine.

Level two is an advanced degree or candidate candidate for Sommelier. At this level you should have become an expert. If you are not you won't graduate. A short refreshment course is offered but, realistically if a candidate hears something in this course is not used to, their hopes for passing.

Blind tasting. Each candidate is given six glasses of wine. In twenty-four minutes they must identify properly every wine; What kind of wine? Where did the wine come from? What is the level of quality of wine? And what wine wine? If it sounds difficult, it's! Try it at home.