How To Choose Light Dimmer For Your LED Lights

LED lights are popular nowadays to replace conventional incandescent, halogen, and fluorescent lamps for general lighting. Smart lighting management is a popular trend that combines the most recent control technology. 

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Since dimming LEDs isn't as simple as dimming traditional lamps, not all LED lights are dimmable. If you want to dim your LED lamps, first you've got to make sure they're dimmable. 

Generally when you buy, first consult with the salesman. As technology grows, traditional dimmers like Triac, 0-10v, and DMX now can encourage LEDs. 

To pick a proper LED light dimmer, You need to figure out some problems first:

Firstly, what's the input of your LED lamps, AC, or DC input? If it's made with AC input, then a controller with AC input and output is needed to drive the LEDs. This Triac LED dimmer is advised. Of course, other controls with AC layout are also workable. 

Secondly, you must calculate the entire power of LED lamps that you want to push and then decide what load capacity of the control ought to be and the number of controls that you need to use. The entire power consumed by LEDs will not exceed the load capacity of the controls.

Thirdly, which sort of control technology to use. As stated previously, there are many kinds of control technologies available in the marketplace including Triac, 0-10v, DMX, RF/WiFi wireless, DALI, Zigbee, Z Wave, and so forth. For people who only need a simple dimming control for house lighting, Triac and 0-10v are sufficient.