Types Of Printing Paper

There are many types of printing paper on the market today. What they have in common is that almost anything can be printed on it, while the difference there is that it can be used for different types of printing or according to market or customer requirements. 

You need to understand some basic things about paper in order to know the right type of paper for your purposes. Paper can be coated or uncoated, which means it has a different texture. The uncoated surface is pressed between metal rollers which are called calendars. Arrow printing supplies  are the wholesale paper suppliers. You can find them through the internet, to get best quality papers. 

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It provides a velvety, antique, rough or smooth surface. Coated paper has a texture that ranges from coarse (matte) to smooth (matte) and then to smooth (glossy). The finer the paper, the more ink it will hold on to it and the material won't smudge or absorb it.

Different types of businesses use the type of paper that best fits their content. Commonly used printing papers are listed below with a brief description of each printing paper.

Matte paper looks dull and grainy. It is usually used in businesses where the final printed document must be without glare or shine, which makes it very elegant. Available in various shapes and sizes.

Photo paper is coated with a glossy material and is specially designed for printing digital photos. Used in inkjet and laser printers to print digital images. Best for high quality photo printing.

All types of paper are available in various shapes and sizes. Printing costs depend on the size and color included in the print being made.