How to Maintain Your Tiles

Tiles are a widely used flooring and wall accessory that is seen in almost all houses. It is used for flooring of all kinds of rooms and for sidewalls of the bathroom because it is waterproof. They are strong and sturdy and that makes them durable and long-lasting.

They are available in a huge variety of designs and colors and patterns that it gets really difficult to choose one out of the many beautiful available designs. It can always be shortlisted according to the color that complements the rest of the house. You can buy the top precast terrazzo tile to install in your office or home.

They come in the following forms – ceramic tiles, glazed tiles, unglazed tiles, polished cement tiles, glass type mosaic tiles, ceramic type mosaic tiles, terrazzo mosaic, designer cement concrete tiles, chequered tiles, silky matt ceramic tiles, Vitrosa cement tiles, wooden cement tiles and so on and so forth.

Tiles enhance the interiors of your house and there is no doubt about it. But to keep them that way one must pay attention to its regular maintenance in the form of routine cleaning. It is essential to sweep a tile floor on a daily basis. Dirt can easily adhere to the surface of the tiles especially if they are textured.

This ensures that the dirt doesn't get settled there and due to regular contact with the sweep fibers they do not cling on to the tiles for long. Use of a vacuum cleaner is also fruitful albeit you use appropriate attachments to the machine that would avoid scratching.

Ceramic tiled floors should be mopped with a damp cloth regularly using the sponge or typical tile cleaners available in the market. Textured tiles may require slight scrubbing or the use of electric scrubbers or polishers. Use a mild detergent for scrubbing and after you are done rinse it thoroughly with water.

Tile staining should be avoided by immediate cleaning post the spilling of liquids on the tiles. It helps the removal of stains easier as opposed to when removed after a certain period of time. Ceramic tiles are breakable and might get chipped off if one uses stilettos or spike shoes on the floor.