Physical Therapy with the Schroth Method

What is the Schroth Method?

The Schroth Method can be described as a form of physical therapy. It helps people with scoliosis and Kyphosis to have a better posture.

What does the Schroth Method do?

Scoliosis refers to a condition where the spine curves or twists. Kyphosis refers to a curving of the spine that is more forward than normal. If the curve is affecting the position of your ribs, it can cause back pain and trouble breathing. If you are looking for a professional for the method of schroth in Singapore visit

A person suffering from kyphosis or scoliosis can receive physical therapy using the Schroth Method. They do personalized exercises and then breathe in a specific way. This allows them to retrain their muscles and improve their posture. To prevent scoliosis from getting worse, children who undergo Schroth therapy wear a spinal brace.

How does Schroth Therapy work?

Schroth therapy is a combination of breathing, strength practice, and posture consciousness. A Schroth therapist will teach someone with scoliosis, kyphosis, or other conditions to tighten their muscles and learn how to breathe in a certain pattern.  

Who can use Schroth therapy?

The Schroth method is suitable for anyone with kyphosis or scoliosis. It is sometimes used by people suffering from scoliosis to avoid surgery. Even if they do need to have scoliosis surgery done before and after can be very helpful. You can reap the greatest benefits by following your exercise program every day.