Hoop Earrings Have a Romantic Heritage

There's something romantic and daring about gold ring earrings. In fact, the look originated with pirates and gypsies.

Pirates favored the style as the practical swashbuckler always likes to have assets that may be quickly converted to cash. You can also click on this website to buy beautiful Hoop Earrings online.

Gypsies, on the other hand, wore their gold hoop earrings as status signifiers for each other: the more gold jeweler a lady wore, the richer and more powerful her clan.

If you think of gold hoop earrings as being uniform in look and design, think again. Gold ring earrings come in a wide selection of styles.

Gold hoop earrings can be either small or large, yellow or white gold, plain or sparkling with diamonds or sapphires.

A pair of bejeweled gold hoop earrings, actually makes an excellent souvenir for the person in your life since it's something he is unlikely to buy for himself – and isn't that the sign of a perfect gift?

Another popular look with medieval subtleties is the gold ring earring encrusted with colorful amethysts, topaz, and citrines, or other semi-precious stones.

How do you pick that perfect pair of gold ring jewelry for yourself or for the special person for whom you're buying? Mostly it's a matter of personal taste and experience: what looks best on you?

What looks best on him or her? There are a few guidelines to go by, however, if you're a first-time buyer.