Three Easy Road Trip Snacks

When you're following a vegan diet, it's important to organize and prepare plenty of vegan and plant-based foods for your trip.

Making a plan to make sure your food stays fresh and stored properly is one of the biggest problems you will have to face. Here are some tips for the best vegan travel snacks for road trips:

Image Source: Goolge

Cereals:- Cereal isn't just an easy breakfast option for busy workday mornings. It is also one of the most portable and easy to carry food around. For real food, choose high-fiber granola. Most cereals are fortified with essential vitamins and minerals, so don't worry about nutritional value other than looking for mountains of sugar in them.

Fruits And Vegetables:- Preparation is key when planning to bring fruit and vegetables for a trip. The best choices are fruits that don't need to be cut or sliced: apples, grapes, and bananas, for example, are very easy to carry around and cause almost no confusion.

Other fruits like peaches, nectarines, and pineapples are a bit more messy and should be sliced and divided before you travel. Cherries are a delicious breakfast fruit, but remember you'll need a trash bag or container to throw out the stones. You can also cut vegetables into containers and eat plain or in small cups.

Dry Fruits:- Dried fruit is an easy travel food that is very affordable if you don't want your hands to get sticky and runny with fresh fruit.