Consider Fitting A Bay Window To Your Home

Fitting a bay window to your home will make a great difference to the way it looks from the outside but will also give you more space in the room. You can get the services of window installation from a renowned aluminium window distributor to have the best results.

In addition, it will bring more light into the room. A bay window projects outwards from the main house wall and can be either angular or curved. Strictly speaking, if it is of a curved design it is called a bow window, but you can have either. A bay window, which is angular, can be rectangular, with the sides set 90° to the house wall, or the windows at each side can run at a wider angle, giving a little more space within the room.

Adding a bay to the house obviously involves some building work, rather similar to adding a small extension, but you can also have a bay window that projects out from the existing wall. This won't give you any extra space inside the room, but it will give you more light, and add to the appearance of your home.

Another type of bay window is what is known as an Oriel window. This is usually fitted to the first or second floor of a home and protrudes outwards from the wall. You will often see these in seaside towns and country villages on Inns and Hotels, as they provide a much better view of the sea or surrounding countryside than a flat window does. In the case of hotels, they also give the owner the chance to charge more for the room, because it is a "room with a view".