All About Perimeter Drains

If you’re planning to build or buy a home, especially in a location that’s damp or prone to basement flooding, an essential aspect of your house will be the drains around the perimeter.

Perimeter drains or French drains are basically drains that is lined with gravel to serve the purpose of redirecting water away from specific locations like foundations. Although French drains were initially constructed with tiles that were spaced. You can find the best drain cleaning service provider through various online sites.

Perimeter Drains

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They are nowadays constructed of perforated plastic pipes that are able to transport larger amounts of water. They also allow water to drain over across the entire long length, too.

The reason you need the perimeter drainage around the foundation’s base is to draw out water that could otherwise collect around the foundation to be absorbed into it, potentially making a very damp cellar or crawlspace. A properly constructed outside perimeter drain should be situated lower than the footings to ensure capillary action will not draw water upwards and into the wall.

There’s also an internal perimeter drain that could be put in place on the inside of the basement too. The concept behind the interior drain is that unlike the exterior perimeter drain it doesn’t have dirt or sediment to block it up, which means it doesn’t have to be cleaned after several years of usage.