What heavy lifting equipment can you carry?

All machine shippers have their instructions for securing and moving the machine. A special permit is required to transport excessively large and heavy loads by road. It should be noted that when crossing bridges and power lines, or driving on certain roads, it can be difficult to carry a trailer with large equipment. 

Here is a small list of the tools available to help you get your machine running. The portal system can lift between 2 and 550 tonnes. Loaders that can move between 1 ton to 30 tonnes. It is a telescopic explosion with an astonishing range of 17 meters. 

The small crane can move up to 20 tons. Large and heavy cranes can lift very large loads of 1000 tons. They also feature a selection of additional lifting accessories. You can choose to buy all types of heavy load machine equipment from https://www.hovair.com/.

It's a good idea to work with the shipper before your pick-up day to ensure that the necessary permissions are available and to avoid any additional legal complications or delays that may arise.

Cover the parts that are endangered should be noted that heavy equipment will most likely be transported in open container trailers and therefore exposed to natural elements. Make sure all areas prone to wind and rain are covered. 

When carrying it in winter, make sure the tank and pipes are not damaged by freezing temperatures. You should also be careful about heat and protect your device properly, always refer to the operating instructions.