How to Find the Best Coffee Catering Services

Do you need a mobile coffee catering service for an event? Many coffee catering companies work in the same way as food catering, but their main focus is to specialize in coffee drinks.

You can hire the best mobile coffee services by searching online.

About grounded coffee catering

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These are questions you should ask potential caterers for your coffee bar before you hire them:

– Imagine you're planning a wedding

Your wedding reception includes a coffee experience. You and your fiance get to know your guests while they enjoy a coffee experience with your baristas.

It's now time to find the right espresso catering service. A mobile coffee company has trained its baristas about how to treat espresso as the main element of an evening and serve it in the friendliest, most professional manner.

Here Are Some Questions to ask:

  • How big a group can you serve?
  • Who roasts your coffee beans? Are they ethically sourced and locally roasted?
  • How long has your business been in existence? What number of events have you participated in?
  • What type of espresso do your caterers use? What blends or origins can you choose for your brewed coffee?
  • Do you grind your coffee at home and make espresso shots, or do you use a capsule?
  • Are there alternatives to milk? Can the menu be customized?
  • Are you able to customize the cups?
  • Are you allowed to bring your own cart/table or does the venue have to provide one? Do you have the ability to set up the bar/counter/table at the venue?
  • What length of time can/will your service be?
  • What is the cost of our guest count?