How to identify Antique Furniture In London?

Identifying antique furniture from the regular ones is an art. It is constructed in a special way and moreover, it has a special style that distinguishes it from the original pieces. One should be able to differentiate between the real and reproduced items.

It is not easy to identify antique furniture. The subject covers a wide area. Some may find it overwhelming and it can be confusing for some others. However, you can also check  antique furniture in London via

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Obviously, one cannot visit an expert each time before buying an artifact, therefore; one must learn a few basic tips to recognize the right piece.

Most of the antique dealers and novice collectors follow the below-given tricks to make the right decision. 

Check if there is some signature or label from the maker of the artifact.

Make sure that each piece of the furniture is in the right proportion. For example, the legs of the cabinet can be out of balance, if it is perfectly balanced or not or if it is a furniture marriage. Marriage is a piece of furniture that is made by joining two different pieces of furniture.

Timeline of furniture periods. What kind of furniture was made in which era?

Detailed prescription of popular furniture styles and woods used in their construction.

Furniture anatomy.

You can use these tips to identify and differentiate antique furniture.


  • Kinds of woods

  • Patina

  • Handles of the cupboards and drawers

  • Locks used

  • Screws, pommels, and nuts

  • Veneers

  • Marquetry

  • Alterations

  • Drawers