Some Fun Games You Can Play on A Water Trampoline

You can have endless fun with your water trampoline. Let the fun begin by making sure everyone wears a life vest and is supervised by an adult. You can look for the water trampoline with slide at to play the below-listed games:

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Attack the Castle: You need at least four players to play this game. To defend the castle, divide the players into two equal teams. One team will be in the water with the balls, while the other team will be on the trampoline. The water team throws the balls into the castle as fast and as fast as possible, while the trampoline defenders have to remove the balls. 

The outside team receives one point for every ball that touches the trampoline’s jumping mat surface. When the outsiders score a certain number of points, the castle is destroyed.

Crack the Egg: Have at least three children play the role of “egg”. One child will be the egg by sitting on the trampoline, with their legs crossed and their knees close together. To make the egg let go, other players will jump and bounce.

Slithering Snake: To make the trampoline slither, the first player places a jump rope across the trampoline’s surface and then moves it back and forth. Other players attempt to leap over the jump rope and avoid the snake. If someone is “bitten” by a snake, they will be the one to move the jump rope.

Survivor: Set up endurance contests. For instance, you could create a series of bounces, seat drops, bounce, seats drop or other jumping contests. The spectators and other players can count as loud as they want, making this game more enjoyable.