What Is CBD Kief?

CBD kief consists of collected and dried cannabis trichomes. Kief is slang for the final product, which you can smoke straight or make another product.

Most cannabinoids are found in sticky white hemp crystals. You can also buy carefully collected CBD kief through various online sources.

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So when you make kief powder out of it, you get a combination of cannabinoids that make CBD kief more potent than CBD flowers.

Cannabis kief has been harvested for thousands of years and is the traditional way to ingest marijuana. 

Since kief or keef is a concentrate, it can be transported in smaller quantities, and since the trichome smells less than flour, it is also wiser to use.

CBD kief is the perfect choice if you want to increase your cannabinoids or change your height strength while smoking marijuana.

What can you do with kief?

CBD kief is a fantastic product: you can use it pure or add it to your marijuana.

Marijuana Topper: Sprinkle it over a bowl of marijuana to adjust the height and taste. CBD can affect the effects of THC and sometimes make it a little lighter. 

This is a great way to get high levels of CBD because it's nearly impossible to find high levels of marijuana in a coffee shop.

To mix through the joint: mix flour and kief together and the result is a fuller flavor that burns more slowly. Mixing kief into joints is a centuries-old tactic that is highly recommended.

Generating a hash: A hash is simply a kief that has been compressed and heated. Some prefer marijuana: it's fixed, easy to carry, and can be wrapped in plastic or aluminum foil so you can put it in your pocket and take it with you.