Facelift/ Rhytidectomy What You Need To Know

Scars from the cut line are mostly hidden in the hairline or in the normal lines of the face and neck, so they are not visible once they are cooked. This is usually performed by San Francisco’s face & necklift specialist under local or general anesthesia, depending on the scope of the facelift procedure, and usually requires a brief hospital stay for patients undergoing a full facelift. 

The patient will experience temporary skin discolouration, swelling, and tension or tingling in the face and ears, which usually goes away after 7 to 10 days. Healing takes time and is gradual. So be patient and wait a few weeks or months for optimal results.

Many potential clients interested in physical repair can take advantage of the services of a certified and trained San Francisco's plastic surgeon at a much lower cost. Because physical improvement is your main goal. 

Cost or expense should not be your main consideration, but the qualifications, training and experience of your surgeon should be your priority. Give yourself time and effort to get to know your surgeon.

Patient safety and quality outcomes are their priority. Take this opportunity to discuss all your options with our certified cosmetic plastic surgeons in San Francisco for free. 

Any cosmetic plastic procedure can be a useful and unusual experience for both the patient and the surgeon when it is performed with the surgical safety standards in mind. 

In order to get the best results for the procedures you are interested in without compromising your safety and health, we recommend that you raise all your concerns with a certified cosmetic plastic surgeon in San Francisco with the appropriate qualifications and training in cosmetic/aesthetic surgery.