Why Should You Choose Custom-Made Aluminum Driveway Gates?

Aluminum driveway gates have become more sought-after due to their strength and durability. The numerous options for design and style is an additional reason why this kind of gate is favored by a lot of individuals over iron or wooden gates.

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Here are some reasons the majority of homeowners decide to build custom gates constructed of aluminum:

1. Cost

Aluminum gates are cheaper in comparison to steel gates. If you want a grand and beautiful gate, the price of wrought steel might be a hurdle, but with aluminum gates, the same look is within your budget.

2. Weight

Aluminum custom-made gates are light and make them much simpler to open than gates made from iron. Additionally, aluminum isn't heavy, the automatic opening mechanism will be in good shape for longer.

3. Durability

Choose solid-cast aluminum that is between 1/2 and 3/4 inches thick. Gates made from solid aluminum rods inside are also an excellent option. These gates made of aluminum are slightly heavier, however far lighter and much less costly than iron gates while offering nearly the same amount of security.

4. Optional Appearances and Features

If we are talking about elegance the aluminum gate is equally beautiful as a steel gate, without the additional expense. Also, you have a vast selection of colors, styles, and sizes.

5. Maintenance

Maintenance is not in the equation for aluminum as it isn't corrosive. As opposed to wrought steel it is not necessary for scrubbing in order to remove rust. Instead, treat it with rust inhibitors or primer with rust-proof properties and then finish it with paint that is rust-proof.