Captivating Trends in Dog Jewelry

A growing trend in modern jewelry is "themed" bracelets. If you're looking for the perfect dog jewelry gift, a charming dog bracelet or a charming dog-themed colored bracelet could just be the perfect gift.

Dog collar with bow tie & matching friendship bracelet, pet-friendly h Pettsie

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Do you want to match your accessories with your dog's accessories? Buy him a dog version of a bracelet or ankle. As the Italian charm grew in popularity, various variations appeared on stage, one of which was a plastic or leather version.

The charm slides into a leather or plastic bracelet, which is available in a variety of modern colors. These charms usually take the form of letters, numbers, and popular symbols such as hearts or butterflies. As in traditional types, they can write messages or names, or advertise user interests or feelings.

Are you ready to coordinate? For the woman who thought her dog was a furry kid, mom and dog can now coordinate their looks with a dog skin collar! Imagine your four-legged friend next to him, wearing a matching leather collar and his own charm. 

Bowser can illuminate his name in crystal. Or maybe his collar reflects how much his mother loves him. There are other types of charms that can be shared between men and dogs – or women and dogs, depending on the case.

For dogs who are best friends or people who are best friends with their dogs, this is a dog jewelry gift that says it all. If your boyfriend leaves, you'll have no problem proving that you and your dog are a couple!