Stair Railings Are Lovely Additions to Any Home

Can you imagine a flight of stairs without railings? It would be scary to go up without something to hold on to even if it's just three steps. Without railings, stairs would look incomplete and unattractive.

In a two-story house, the stair railing is usually a major attraction as one enters the ground level. Whatever the material it is made of, this important component of the stairs adds beauty and value to any home. But other than its decorative purpose, stair railings serve to hold up the balustrade of the staircase and as protection for people as well. For families with small children, these railings can indeed make your kids safe as they go up and down the stairs. You can simply locate stair railings online at


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Homeowners and builders have a wide choice today when it comes to using stair railings. The materials available are of various kinds such as wood, iron, and metal. Whatever style you prefer, there should be one suited for you. Or, you can have one customized to fit your specifications.

Materials used

Wood stair railings are the classic choice for many homes. Since the olden days, wood has been a preferred material for railings because they're easy to work with. Oak is the most recommended type of wood for stair railings and it can be used as is or painted with a color to match the overall interior design theme of your home.

While wood provides a unique charm, other materials can be used to make more intricate designs and create a different appeal. Iron and metal railings are also common these days in residential and commercial structures giving the same protection and functionality to users. They can be made with special designs for an attractive look. Other options include glass, stainless steel, stone, aluminum, and titanium.