How To Make Your Own Practice Putting Green

Practice Putting Green is the ideal choice for your usual golf course. The truth is, it can even be considered your own personal golf course. The best thing is you can really develop your own green in your garden. Below are the steps to build your garden by making it green.

Before you start building, you need to prepare a bobcat and some hand excavation teeth. Other equipments such as plastic pipes, probes, land, planers, seeds, and irrigation tubes are needed too. You can choose the best best at home putting green at

Step 1 – Try it and value the area in your backyard, especially the area where you need to make the practice of putting it green. It's always best to find the highest point on your page and note that the area that puts must be free from bushes and other plants. Also, avoid locations where many people often pass.

Step 2 – When you have found a place for your green, the following points to complete start digging holes. This step is usually rather extraordinary, but this is actually important. You cannot make great practice placing green if the area is not cleaned. 

Step 3 – You have to buy some soil samples as soon as you decide to build a Green putting. So the next phase is to put the dirt you have bought. They must put layer after layer. Sometimes, people will start lying inches from the fresh ground to be able to get better drainage. 

Step 4 – keep in mind that grass will need water to grow. As a result, you must have the best watering system in the part where you plan to arrange your practice. This is done by connecting irrigation tubes where you become green or enter a completely new system.