What Is A Barretts Values Assessment?

A Barrett Values Assessment is a framework used to identify and assess the values of an organization. This assessment can help to identify areas where the organization may need to make changes in order to improve its overall effectiveness. The assessment can also help to identify the core values of the organization, and how they are reflected in the way that employees behave.

A Barretts Values Assessment & training is a process that helps businesses and organizations determine the core values that are important to them and then develops a plan of action to promote and align these values with the organization's mission and goals.

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The assessment is typically conducted by a consultant who will interview key personnel, review company policies and practices, and survey customers and other stakeholders. The consultant then produces a report containing the results of the assessment as well as recommendations for how to implement the organization's values more effectively.

The benefits of conducting a Barretts Values Assessment include:

  • Improved communication and coordination between different parts of an organization.

  • A clearer understanding of what motivates employees.

  • Stronger ties to customers and potential investors.

  • Increased efficiency and effectiveness in fulfilling organizational goals.

A Barretts Values Assessment should be designed with four primary goals in mind: protecting employees, preserving shareholder value, promoting environmental sustainability, and upholding human rights.