LED Dance Floor Rentals – An Event Planners Guide

The LED dance floor is a great hub for any type of event. Corporate parties, weddings, college events, and fashion events have hired our LED dance floor to highlight their events. 

Lighted LED dance floor rental can also be used as the centerpiece of a themed party like a 70's or 80's party, a disco party, or even one of our famous light parties. Whether you call it an LED dance floor, a glowing dance floor, or a disco dance floor, the end result is still the same.

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Here are three types of LED dance floors available in the rental market:

LED dance floor with acrylic coating: This is the most common LED dance floor available in the United States today. 

Interactive LED dance floor: This floor is based on very low-resolution video screens. They are sensitive to pressure. This floor is a lot of fun and is usually used for dance competitions, catwalks, or other applications when the number of people on the floor is limited. 

LED video dance: This is the floor you see at big concerts and sporting events. They are very expensive to rent and transport because they are usually very heavy. This type of LED video rental is almost exclusively used for corporate parties. 

If you are considering renting an LED dance floor for your event, be sure to ask the experts at In Depth Events.