Key consideration To Choose The Best Soft Serve Ice Cream Mix

All ice cream is mainly composed of milk, sugar, flavoring, water, and air. Once the first few ice cream ingredients are mixed, an ice-cream device freezes some of the water while adding air into the frozen mixture. You can also visit this site to buy the best soft-serve ice cream mix.

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Ordinary ice cream contains about 30 to 60% air. Soft serve ice cream includes more air, normally about 70% by volume. The extra air gives the soft serve a softer texture and makes it melt faster, hence the name. 

You can make soft-serve ice cream in a homemade ice cream device with a soft-serve mix. Below are some important tips to choose soft-serve ice cream mixes.


You can choose a dairy-free mix for a soft serve for a number of reasons. The soft serve powder mixes naturally exclude dairy products, and dairy-free blends are easy to find for sorbets or other frozen fruit-based desserts. 

Proteins and fats can thicken a soft-serve mixture to get the creamy taste of a soft-serve without the use of dairy products. Many dairy-free soft serving mixes use soy, coconut oil, or pea protein for the cream.


There are several soft-serve flavors to choose from, including a mix of fruity and coffee flavors. If you have a homemade ice cream device, choose a creamy mix that you can serve in any flavor you want.