Keeping Medical Vaccines Cold With Pharmaceutical Mobile Cold Stores

Did you ever think about where the vaccines were kept during the recent flu epidemic? Many medicines and vaccines need to be kept at cool temperatures in order to prevent them from spoiling. You will need mobile cold storage or cold storage. A regular fridge might not be big enough so it is worth looking for a cold storage solution.

Freezer room hire in Perth for pharmaceuticals can be very useful to move the supplies from one place to another. These units are designed to store high-value items like vaccines and diagnostic kits. They must also be monitored and controlled at all times.

Cold Storage Pharmaceuticals

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The pharmaceutical cold stores will often have complete redundancy on key features to ensure that the products do not 'go off' due to too much heat. Two independent refrigeration systems provide complete backup for each other. To provide complete traceability, they also come with dual electronic temperature recorders.

They can typically keep products at any temperature between -35 and +35 degrees C.

These units are weatherproof and can be moved inside or out. A mobile cold store has the advantage of being portable. It can be moved to another location if it is not in use. This frees up valuable storage space.

You can return your cold container if you don't use it. Many healthcare organizations rent mobile cold storage units to store medicines and vaccines.