Importance Of Gearbox

Gearbox designs are classified as either bevel designs, where gears are perpendicular to each other, or spur designs, where two gears rotate parallel to each other. Bevel gears are used for on-off valves like gate and globe valves and spur gears are used for quarter-turn valves like ball valves.

One type of spur gearbox is designed by a gearbox manufacturer in which 6–18 gears are involved at the same time instead of one to three gears, which can increase efficiency by 75% and prevent the use of actuators.You can check this link to know more about geat exchange services.

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The gearbox housing material can be either SS316 or painted cast iron ASTM A536. It is better to select SS316, shaft minimum 13Cr, and stop pins as 316SS. Stop pins, also called set screws, are covered by caps and serve as stops for quarter-turn movements of the stem and ball.

The gearbox bolts are normally A4-70 or 80 equivalent to SS316 or A2-70, which is equal to SS304. Gearbox 316SS has better corrosion resistance, is not brittle, and is not exposed to cracking due to dropping objects, unlike cast iron. Cast iron surfaces are rough, making the paint adhesion difficult on the metallic surface.