How To Choose A Platelet-Rich Plasma Kit in New Jersey

PRP extraction is a simple procedure, but there has been much debate about its reliability over the past decade. This article will help to clarify the issue by giving information about the best PRP kits. Although it is possible to take blood from a tube and run it through a centrifuge, it will not make PRP.

This is called "bloody PRP" and can hold 1.5x as many blood platelets if you're fortunate. However, it will also have a lot of red and white cells. This ineffective form can cause flare-ups after injection. However, the concentration of platelets in a kit can be up to 5-7 times that of the baseline. For appropriate PRP extraction, one should buy EmCyte PRP kits for sale from #1 PRP Kit Suppliers in New Jersey. 

What makes a PRP kit good?

PRP works best when the concentration is 5-7 times higher than usual. PRP kits let you choose whether to keep the red and/or white blood cells or not. Each would be effective for different conditions. Some commercial PRP kits might not be able to deliver the results you desire. It is important to understand the differences between the different kits.

Gel Separators

The gel separator is essentially a tube that has some gel on its bottom. Osmosis allows this gel to separate blood from platelets. Problem is that most platelets will be captured by the gel when the test tube passes through the centrifuge. It will result in a concentration of 1.5 times platelets, but it does remove the white and red cells, which is a plus.

Buffy Coat

Kits that permit you to see a buffy layer are more likely to allow you to collect the plasma concentrations 5-7 times. After being centrifuged, a buffy coat forms between the plasma and blood. This is mostly just platelets and white cells with plasma on top and packed blood below.

You must then be able to separate the red blood cells from the buffy hair without contamination. This will allow you to obtain PRP with fewer red blood cells than 10%.