How to Buy the Best Paper Shredder?

Many people are looking for a home shredder because of the increasing threat of identity theft. It can be overwhelming to choose the right home shredder from the many brands and types available. These are some things to keep in mind as you search for the right shredder. You can also buy a paper shredder in Vancouver by browsing this site.

Benefits of office paper shredders that you should know! - North East Connected

Manual shredders can be very cost-effective and simple to use. The shredders simply rest on your desk and shred any paper you feed into its throat. You simply need to turn a handle to move the paper through the shredding blades. However, if you begin shredding larger volumes of paper, this can feel tedious.


While most manual shredders can only shred paper, some models are capable of shredding CDs and credit cards. If you're on a tight budget, you might consider these manual paper shredders.

Automated paper shredders can do all the work. The best home shredders today are automated. The machine is equipped with a sensor that allows it to begin shredding as soon as the paper is introduced. It will stop shedding after the paper passes through the throat.

There are lights and alerts to notify you when there is a paper jam. The best shredders have a reverse switch that allows you to back up the paper and remove any obstructions.

You need to ensure that the shredder you choose can handle the amount of shredding you require. Each shredder's capacities are different. While the best home shredder can shred up to 1000 sheets per day, other shredders are capable of shredding 400-500 sheets.