How does Television Advertising Influence People?

Since its inception, television has been an integral part of advertising. Advertisers are attracted to the televised content as viewers tune in. 

Advertisements are also an important part of major televised events. Television has had a profound influence on the advertising industry. Although other media are now competing for those dollars, TV remains an effective and viable medium. Now TV can reach new customers and expand your client base through this unique targeting capability.

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Influencing purchase decisions

TV advertising can be used to influence viewers' purchasing decisions. There are two-time slots for ads: local and national. Many of these ads are targeted at selling products or services. The local television ads give service-based businesses in the area the chance to reach their target audience with important announcements, offers, and other information.

National time slots can be purchased for shows and times when the product or service will reach the most people. TV ads can help companies increase brand awareness and drive customers to purchase.

Voter and Election Influence

TV ads can also be used to influence elections. During election cycles, the volume of political ads can become overwhelming. These ads are designed to grab attention and place the name of the candidate front and center. The repetition of a candidate's name through TV ads makes it more prominent and easier to remember. Depending on whether the ad is purchased by the party and campaign directly, or through a PAC representing the candidate, it may be purchased.