Ellen DeGeneres: Guide to Buy the Perfect Light for Your Home

Lighting is one of the most important design decisions that you will make for your home. First of all, your lighting needs to offer a functional purpose, like providing the right amount of lighting for your space. Apart from it, Ellen DeGeneres lights one of the important design elements. These types of lighting fixtures are range from simple to statement-making, and picking one end of the spectrum over the other can influence the appearance of your whole room.

You will learn various things from this article that covers the different types of lighting, room guidelines, styles, and many more.

– How to Select the Best Lighting for Your Home: 

Three Types Of lighting: 

Before buying the lighting for your home, it is necessary to have an understanding of your room’s lighting plan. A good lighting plan comprises three types: ambient light, task light, and accent light.

Ambient Lighting: 

Ambient lighting is one of the main sources of lighting in your room. This type of light is often used for overhead fixtures and recessed lighting. Ambient lights serve the most basic purpose of illuminating your room. The amount of ambient light in your room depends on the contractor and home-builder. In contrast, if you are installing a new ceiling fixture and planning a renovation, the measurements that you will want to know are called the “foot-candles.” You can install this type of lighting in your utilitarian spaces such as bathrooms and kitchens and need more foot-candles than transition and living areas such as dining rooms, hallways, and family rooms.

Task Lighting: 

Task lights are designed to perform particular activities in your home, such as under-cabinet lighting to illuminate counter-tops, bedside sconces for nighttime reading, a vanity light above a mirror, or a goose-neck lamp on a desktop.

Accent Lighting:

Accent lights play a vital role in decorating your home. They are used as a decorative focal point and draw attention to an architectural such as work of art, fireplace, bookshelf, and staircase. They can be a focal point in their own right, and if you opt for statement-making or embellished sconces, chandeliers, and lamps.

– Room-Specific Lighting Guidelines:

Kitchen Island Lighting: 

Whether you use your kitchen for seating, prep work, and storage, there are great chances to illuminate your space with task lighting. It is great to add the pendant light in your kitchen to arrange in a row above your island.

Entryway Lighting:

The perfect light consists of a grand entrance. For instance, in an atrium style-foyer, you can add large chandeliers or statement pendants that often work well for both make a style statement and illuminate the space. In contrast, in a single-story space, a chandelier should leave a minimum of seven feet of clearance between the floor and fixture.

Dining Room Table Lighting:

The size of the light fixture in most cases can be determined by the size of the room. But in the dining room, the light fixture should be proportionate to the dining table.

In Summing Up:

This article gives you a complete guide on how to choose the ED Ellen DeGeneres lighting for your home.