Custom Window Shades and Blinds Offer a Solution for Hard-To-Fit Windows

Moving into a new house is one of the most exciting things in life. Until you start to see all of the windows that aren't covered and realize how important it is! Although it may seem simple to measure your windows and then go to the store to buy blinds for them, you might find that some of your windows are quite different from the available ones.

This may seem like a big problem, but the solution to your window shading dilemma may be simple: custom window shades and blinds. You can order custom window shades through many contractors, but you can also shop online for custom blinds to make your shopping even more enjoyable.

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How to Measure Custom Window Shades and Blinds

Measurements of your windows are the most crucial part of ordering custom window shades or blinds. To ensure the measurement process goes as smoothly as possible, there are some tips you can use. To measure your window accurately, use a steel measuring tool. Make sure to not round the measurements.

Mounting custom window coverings inside your window frame requires that you give the manufacturer the exact measurement. They will make a slight adjustment to ensure that the treatment fits into the opening. If you would prefer to mount your custom blinds on the outside of your window frame then you will need to tell the blind company what measurement you prefer. They will not make any deductions and they will make the blinds according to your specifications.