Cloud Computing Services for Small Business: Myths Busted

Cloud computing services are essential for every business, however difficult it might seem. Access to the cloud has become a prerequisite for any business, as the "smart" age and "social sharing" culture continue to grow.  Cloud technology is being used by every business, large or small, public or private, at least in part.

 However, it is interesting to see that although enterprises have been generous with their cloud measuring assistance budgets (IDG recently reported an increase of 19% for enterprises in the past year!) Small businesses tend to be more cautious.

Myth #1

Cloud computing services can be expensive

Any business must have a server to store all their data and information. This is in addition to other resources such as space and a skilled person to manage the server's maintenance. With the help of a reliable cloud computing service provider, it is possible to forget about hardware, its installation, or maintenance. 

Myth #2

With regards to security, cloud service providers are not to be trusted

Recently, I was able to hear some of my peers discussing the dangers of cloud computing service providers hosting their data. These service providers seem to be more concerned with speed and scale than security. Reliable cloud services will solve this problem. 

Myth #3

Cloud computing and its services are not necessary for small businesses

Small businesses are busy convincing themselves that the cloud is not necessary, while enterprises spend a lot to adopt it. Cloud computing is not only for high-tech businesses. Cloud computing is essential for any business that wants to manage large amounts of data and compete with other businesses.