Choosing The Right Dishwasher

Dishwashing is often seen as a chore. It is therefore not without reason that more than half of households are equipped with a dishwasher. These machines come at a cost, however. However, while it is expensive to buy, the dishwasher actually turns out to be an economical appliance. In use, it reduces water consumption by two to three times, compared to traditional dishes by hand. Whether it's a first purchase or a renewal, it's important to ask yourself the right questions before choosing a dishwasher. You can go through the reviews of best dishwashers consumer reports to make an informed decision. A number of covers, consumption, programs, cleaning efficiency. We will help you find an appliance that meets your needs and your budget.

You want to save time and money

Today, the practicality but also the economic aspect of the dishwasher   no longer needs to be demonstrated. Washing dishes by hand requires around 30 liters of water, at a minimum, per wash. For its part, a dishwasher will consume less than 15 liters per cycle.

On the other hand, the cost of the energy needed to heat the water will be similar to the consumption of the dishwasher, around 25 cents per wash.

You have a large family

If using a dishwasher can be more economical, is it necessarily better to buy a machine? Not necessarily. If you are used to cleaning your dishes after every meal and washing and drying them takes less than 15 minutes, then a dishwasher is not essential for you.

On the other hand, if you have many dishes to do daily, buying a machine will be a good investment.

You have no – or few – fragile dishes

A dishwasher cleans at high temperatures with detergents – not all of which are created equal -, rinse aid and regenerating salt. Therefore, it can damage fragile dishes. For her, therefore, prefer a hand wash!