Adjusting RV Travel Trailer Brakes

Adjusting the brakes on a travel trailer is an exercise that should be done every year. How often you do this, however, depends on the kilometers covered, the difficulty of the descent, and the number of stops expected, as well as the frequency of traffic control. You can get the best travel trailer service in concord, NC.

Do Travel Trailers Have Brakes? What You Need To Know

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Adjusting the brakes on a motorhome travel trailer is no big deal; a person with average mechanical knowledge should comfortably cope with this task. How many follow this rule? You can count if you want to give a number.

If you haven't adjusted these brakes, it's a good idea to start practicing as it's not only good for the engine but also for your safety.

To accomplish this important task, you'll need a broken adjuster that you can access at most trailer accessory stores. You will need a jack to safely lift the trailer and the perfect jack to hold the trailer in place.

This stand holds your trailer in a higher position. Your goal in this task is to adjust the tail wheel and, in turn, the brake shoes for the drum brakes.

This setting is very important because clearance increases as the brake shoes wear out. How do you adjust the brakes for the motor housing?

First, find a stable, level surface for the parking trailer. To avoid driving forward or backward, it is recommended to block the tires on the trailer. Follow the manufacturer's instructions when jacking up the trailer.

Secure your trailer with a jack. On the wheel at the back of the rear brake plate, you will see a small rubber stopper that must be removed to access the tail wheel adjuster.

Spend a lot of time adjusting the brakes on the motorhome.

The adjustment device must be inserted and maneuvered so that it engages the star gear teeth. The star wheel does not open and may require the use of a flashlight to find it. This is one of those nightmares when setting the brakes on a trailer.