Rebuilding Haiti Together Sustainably.

Partnership: Engineers Without Borders

January 26th, 2011

Since our founding last March, Barrels of Hope has created a partnership with the University of Florida chapter of Engineers Without Borders to verify our construction method against hurricane and earthquake resistance testing on our earthbag structures. While more testing is planned, to date this building method has survived 2×4’ cannon shots at 30, 50 and 80mph. The team is preparing to test a full earth-bag wall at hurricane-strength pressures, equivalent to winds up to 130 mph.

By qualifying our design with strict Florida Building Code which is based on the International Building Code, the design gains validity as a viable, low-cost, low-tech building option, ensuring the safety of Haitians and future disaster victims utilizing this method, driving donations and international funding opportunities, and further legitimizing Barrels of Hope as a leader in post-disaster sustainable shelter distribution and water collection.